My impressions on the art of the "master" of Annone Brianza

 The artist , son of these places .His roots lie in the dark and compact clumps of Brianza area.Forthright, practical , rustic, sour ground, the same that feeds and teaches the essential principles of life. The artist takes from this ground his way of being and his temperament .The choice is obviously another one.The satisfaction for the gained success from his works is a new lymph, a stimulus for new expressions of his concept of art. His devotion and his fidelity to his educational process, he has followed his own instinct.He gets rid the inspiration in productions still original, still emotional, still alive. Here go the creative twist :his passionate soul, his verve and flair,he needs to show himself to the world. The confirmation gained along all his career regenerate a new thought, get large his objective, improve his talent.. 

The intellectual maturity is full of images and ideas, just waiting to be molded into pictorial touches, shapes impressed into the metal, remarkable union between mind and feelings. and Those are fervent years of production. Polli is expressing through images full of colors and new techniques by manipulating materials with wise skill. The brush stroke on the canvas of a painting is straight, full of a warm brightness. The shades seem to vibrate , animated by a clean energy , which is not the most intimidating ,but on the contrary the master dominates it and model it to transfer all of the sensations perceived. The sculptures contain power and suppleness together : the artist is conscious of his talent , and he is willing to bow to the fate, that awaits him to continue his human and intellectual process. The ability to translate into concrete expression is an indispensable gift for a sculptor / painter. It is tangible, the tangle of suggestions and ideas pulsating in the mind, filling every cell of the body, from the brain to the heart, going further down into the stomach . Graduallly the inspiration gets a shape and obtains step by step a physiognomy, from the hands of the tireless artist a new opera is arising. What emotion, what pulses shake the author till the moment in which he gets himself free from the chain of thoughts transforming them in something concrete and taking their place in the space. Polli with heartfelt enthusiasm captures the enchanted places of Lecco’s valleys , the stunning views of the lakes in Brianza and , the countryside of a rustic, antique , mild word. ".

 He addresses metaphysical issue with unexpressed depth. He consecrates the human qualities in giant sculptures that retain a surprising lightness. Once completed , the works claiming to be displayed to the public for not missing the full meaning they have been created. Here then the expanded series of exhibitions that were held during the last years. The memories run through backward time , through the emotions , from one exhibition to another in short order, leaving vibrate the strings of the heart,poke by sweetie and pleasant images. It ‘has been hosted by the noblest and most prestigious buildings in the province, the richest and most sumptuous villas , exhibition centers were set up specifically for its collections, an excellent repertoire , at the height of scenarios so important. Museum of Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo , Villa Monastero Varenna Museum , the echo of the artist is not contained within the borders of our province , the Italian public discovers a guest at the International Biennial at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence , where he exhibits his slender sculptures . “ Attrazione” performs four works in steel and corten,an union of agility and strength, exposure , Narisano at Villa Spinola of Genova,Villa Serbelloni Bellagio etc. It ‘s the time of solemn recognition,a tribute to his dedication to a profession conducted with seriousness and rigor.  

He comes to the consecration for a career that is sincere vocation for the aesthetics and interior grace in Moscow, personally invited by the president of the cultural heritage of Mitiski, in Moscow in Russia. The refined touch of the artist shakes his legendary post-Soviet pragmatism , leaving an unforgettable mark of his presence, in exchange for memorable days experienced by the painter and sculptor .In Villa Olmo in Como , where his pieces come together in the temple of art. Polli is not an artist bent on their ego , locked in his own genius , he is far from this! Invited to be part of the honor committee , Asia Arts Expo Beijing by Chairman Dr Devid he breaks and he transmit his artistic experience by choosing n.40 artists up 800 for Bonton at the Louvre (Paris) in 2012. The sculptures of the master are perfectly suited to the natural landscape of our locations: Polli has created monumental complexes capable of displaying a physical as well as conceptual majesty .

The giant sculpture “ Monument to the human mind “ is a fruit of this ideology, created to honor the industriousness and the will of man as active and dynamic creature that dominates and respects the world.The group made off metal alloys modern (corten) resistant and at the same time “ mild “ , inaugurates a series of productions, located at the center of several roundabouts of the local road net. Polli does not confuse himself between the other villagers , even when walking the streets with his hat pulled down over his head vigorously and his collar coat turned up against the cold . The proud and sure-foot , his characteristic decided and bold gait,are well known to the friends with whom he gets used to share his moments of leisure, spent in the quiet village bar, exchanging small talk during a game of cards . The weather in the ordinary life of Polli is marked by typical quietness of a private village , nestled around an even more quiet surface of the lake . The familiarity with the places of his private gives a clearness to his artistic impulse . In an age that mediocrity praised as dowry to flaunt and reward , Polli is a counter- example of determination, commitment and depth of the sensitive and rational aspects of the human being. The genius must be accepted , understood, and manipulated because clearly expresses the message to the world. The master engages its natural virtues to turn into concrete concepts pondered by the intellect.


The heart , head , hands :everyone joins the rationality and the emotions , mind and spirit , the brain does not ignore the feelings , the soul does not occur without reason, lived pierces the body , takes consistency when it is translated into material by the activity of man.The artist is the ultimate example of the whole process : Polli joins in his works the laws of thought and the power of the senses. The master proudly displays his creatures , after being molded in the privacy of his study, he is as proud as a father has for his children, because there finds its essence.Its activities today, after forty years of shining profession , is projected into the future , his art needs to tell ideas, thoughts , suggestions , it is impossible to stop it. The spark of life that shines in his eyes, will pulse still throbbing in new sculptures , in new paintings.On the other hand,he is a man who really uses every moment of life to feel more alive, to leave an immortal trace. The master is aware that his artistry vein is to be sustained, the commitment must be matched to his creativity. The viewer should just wait for the next exposure.