The long history of the lake of Annone is testified least documents between which gaining and on which reconstructing complex vicissitudes and important.

Plinio inaugurates the literature on the lake of Annone, scarna, but it does not deprive decidedly of famous personages.

Henry Beyle, French writer, perhaps more famous with the name of Stendhal, to the beginning of the 800, left written: " Acrossing the country of Annone where the opened landscape more appears to us truly charming; on the left we notice over two mirrors of water, steep mountains and to the right gone of hardly truly beautifulst the prominent hills of the world therefore as rebellions of little trees are rinati from the greens that leave to notice us farthest in the clear afternoon atmosphere... ".

In remoter age, Leonardo, always attracted from waters, studies briantei lakes equipping its reliefs with a sketch that constitutes how much better the cartography has left until the half of the seven hundred.

That one of Annone is undoubtedly a colorful lake that is slowly finding again the purity of its waters.

The coast is jagged and creates natural bays all to discover, in which the vegetation it is abundant and.

The litografy, derived from the picture, oil on burlap 40x50, of it reproduces a particular one: " the dominated tip of Red " from with of trees that, melt themselves forming one mass of color with several shadings of green.

The small peninsula is rich of rich vegetation while the mountain in flat second is barren and of stones.

The mounts on which riflect background the truth, but as rendered more ethers in order not to disturb the quiet vision, therefore dense of thin emotions.

The landscape reflected in waters, vibrating of one hidden life, melts in an all harmonic with the landscape and the sky without cloud shadows.

It is capacities to stop itself, to meditate with spontaneity and nature dipping itself in the wonder of the natural beauties that complete the largeness of the man.

 dott. Cristina Rigamonti

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