The rappresentation of the lake, living organism, is a topic beloved to painters and poets since the remote origins.

Briantei lakes, therefore rich of history and tradition of are an alive and concrete example.

Already Plinio, in the CAP. XXII°, of book III° of the "Historia Naturalis ", mention them as: " considerable places and rivers they emissaries or of they emissaries therefore that ricevutili they give back like... the Eupili the Lambro to them, rivers all fiscal ones of the PO... ".

Also Leonardo, careful and assiduous frequent visitor of our places, speaks about the lake of Pursiano.

Giovanni Segantini, between 1881 and 1886 lived in the outskirtses of the aforesaid lago. Young sentimental and rich painter of nostalgia, tries, in the religiosity, of the nature and the sobriety of the places, to penetrate in the mystery of the same nature, in particular trying to reproduce feelings that tried especially " in the hours of the evening, after the sunset, when my mind was arranged to gentle melancholies ".

Therefore in one litografy of the painter Paul Polli, an oil on burlap 40x50, entitled: " the tip of the lake of Pusiano ", to shines the quiet ones, the tranquillity that scans passing of the lacustrine life united to the tonalities that wave, nearly like the splashing of waters, between several shadings of green.

A great half-hidden house from dense and grassy vegetation, the enclosure that of it delimits the property, is found reflected in limpid and transparent waters.

The sky is gray, uniform, without clouds, the air that is breathed is stiff, at times sky and water seems to combine itself in a harmony that inspires quiet, but above all peace.

An intimate peace that it knows to pick and to gioire of the complex semplicity of the nature whose elements, also in flat second, are however emergent and always lively dominant.

 dott. Cristina Rigamonti

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