Still richer than stimulants it means to you turns out this work of the series "Metaphysicians", an oil on burlap 40x50.

The emergent elements see, second a primarily human reading, the man or best a triade of persons, perhaps a family in which the parents, affectionately, they take between the own hands of the child, future actor in the scene of the more and more dominated life from the technological perfection.

Between unarmed and impotent the man, to times watching, and the technology, perfect, harmonic, sweet and pitiless the nature, always various and iridated to the inside of its eternal and immutable laws from which it is regulated.

The shadows of the family that observes and communicates impressions, joys, anguish, disappointments and hopes, make part of it and the difficult way of the man, always outstretched, for natural necessity, to the search of the deep essence of the living same projected in a vision of luminous perfection that rips the heavy sky with flares white men and reddish it represents to you from a semicircle that, ideally completes its completion including the earth and its inhabitants.

It is a meant dense rappresentation of that it goes beyond the written words and that touches, in the intimate one, everyone of we, opening wide and fascinating to us small openings of infinite certainties that we begin to pretaste, with several intensities, in this laborious one incedere daily.

dott. Cristina Rigamonti

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