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This lithography makes part of a series of jobs, titola you from Polli painter, "Metaphysicians"  a topic to he much congenital beloved and to the deep and complex structure of its articulated personality.

The metaphysics, in the Arabic and Latin philosophical thought of the Middle Ages, was to indicate that that Aristotle had called " philosophy before " that has two lives of surveying: in a generalized manner " the being in how much being " and in particular the sensitive, that is the agencies lacking in matter, eternal.

And of eternal values, sublime you and cargos of meant if they find again some numerous in this oil on burlap 40x50, dominated from a woman shape while walking, undressed of every human foolish ambition to the search of the " perfection of the vitae of its represented fullness " from with of luminous and magical circles in a dark sky.

This continuous and inexorable way is not never get exaustedded and renders partecipate also the nature, regulated from iron laws and also always substantially equal: mounts, plains, lagos that are melted with the sky, the earth.

On this angle of barren cliff and essential thing, the trace of the steps of the man that, living its " worrying existence ", fundamentalally only, only and unrepeatable, moves to the search of himself, of the Being and, even if to times is discouraged from the unavoidable failures, catches a glimpse the way of covering, pause mediative, is revived exceeding ties and obstacles, because it savours fugaciously, to impalpable level, the wonder and the grandiosity of the essence of the same life.

dott. Cristina Rigamonti

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